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How to

I will explain here how to use the various functions of the EVE Planetary Planner.
First and foremost, the tool comes with an Update function.
If you click on the Help menu and select Update, the tool will check if a new version of the database is available, as well as a new version of the tool. 
When you start the tool, the first panel you see is the Production Plan.
This is where you can check what is required to do something.
To see the production plan for a component, select its product level, then it name.
The list of requirements will appear in the production plan panel.
For each requirement, you will see the structure, the component and the quantity needed (number in blue).
The quantity produced in 1 cycle is also displayed (number in green).
In the Options menu, you can change the orientation of the plan (left to right, or right to left).
Selecting the Cost option will show the minimum cost of the production plan. As well as the CPU and Powergrid required.
The Production data option will open a panel to display more specific information about a component.
The name of the component, cycle duration, required structure, cost of the structure, CPU and powergrid required.
It will also show all planets that can produce this component AND all the sub component that it requires.
For example: Biocells can be produced from scratch on Barren planets. The other planets would require travelling.
The Planets Plan allow you to test planets setup.
You can set a Command Center Upgrades and Interplanetary Consolidation skill level.
After that you can select the type of planets you want to setup. (The maximum number of planets is decided by you Interplanetary Consolidation skill level).
The remaining number of planet you can settle is shown.
If you have selected a Product (Product level & name), you use it for the Planets Plan. Just check the checkbox and you will only have access to the components and structures required to make the product.
You can give custom names to your planets (By default it is just Planet X (with X the number of planets you already created)
You can change the Command Center according to your Command Center Upgrades skill.
The used/maximum available CPU and powergrid and show for information. If you get within 80% of the maximum, it will be displayed in yellow. If you go beyond the maximum it will displayed in red.
You can also allocate a percentage of the CPU/powergird to links. (Because this depends on the number and length of the links, I prefer to put it as a percentage than a fix value.)
The cost to setup the planet is displayed (it include the command center and any structure installed)
You can chose the structure to install depending on the planet type. (for example High-tech production plan are available only for Barren and Temperate planets only)
On a structure is installed if it can produce something, the list of available products for that structure will be shown.
In the case of extractors, you can specify the total quantity that will be extracted. NOT the quantity per cycle. also set your cycle time. the quantity extracted per cycle will be shown as well as the time to depletion.
In the case of industries, you can specify the type of products to create.
For storages there is nothing to do.
You can also add routes to link the various structures
You specify from which planet and structure, to which planet and structure. As well as the quantity to transfer.
Route are very strict in what you transfert and where.
You cannot create a route on planet X that goes from planet Y or Z.
The route will start on planet X and end on planet X,Y or Z.
Or the route will start on planet Y or Z and end on planet X.
Also, a route will always transfert a resource to a structure that can accept it.
If you extract Aqueous liquid and create a route for it, the only structure that will accept it are:
  • Basic Industry Facility producing Water
  • Storage Facility
  • Launchpad

A planet with a Storage Facility or a Launchpad will always accept resources. Even if you cannot do anything with that resource on that planet.
When you create a route between two planets, it means that you will transfert yourself the resource between both planets.

Once you planets are set, you can save the configuration to load it later (or share it).

Now that you planets are set, you can run them to check the state of the production.
In the Options menu, select Planets data.
A new popup window will appear displaying the list of resources produced.
For each resource, the quantity produced/consumed/stored and wasted.
You can setup a run time and choose between minutes and hours.
Once you hit run, the data in the grid will be update.
If you want to see what happens when you let planets setup run until exhaustion, simply click on 'Run until exhaustion'.
The grid will display the data when there are no more production/transfert of products.
The time taken to run until exhaustion will be displayed for information.
The data are as accurate as they can be according to my understand of the mechanics used by CCP in EVE for Planeraty Interaction.
So if there are some deviation between what the Planetary Planner is predicting and what you see ingame, please inform me so I can try to better my algorithm. If you could provide me as much information as you can, it would help me a lot)