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EVE Planetary Planner is a small tool I created to have a quick and easy overview of Planetary Interaction in EVE Online.

Planetary interaction is not very complicated by itself.
But it still easy to get lost along the production line, and make mistakes that could cost you, or your corp, millions or billions of ISKs.

The tool can display the complete production line for any product that can be made from Planetary Interaction.
It also display information about the time needed to produce each component needed for the final product.

Now this tool is still under development.
I am adding feature as fast as I can think of them, and implement them.
It is also possible that there are still a few bugs that I missed in all my testing.

I will update the News section when I do modifications to the tool.
So be sure to check it from time to time.

If you find any bugs, or inconsistencies in the data, please leave a message on the EVE Online forum, in the post I created for the tool.
I will go read it often and try to fix the bugs as soon as possible.